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Seniors Tips

Senior Girl Tips

*Clothes..First of all avoid stripes and plaids, solids photograph much better.Bring a variety of color your favorite and moms favorite. Avoid clothes with wording on the front, only if its school logo, we want you to be the subject not the writing on your clothes.

*Jewelry...Bring variety of clothing, as for jewelry keep it simple, we want the attention on you, jewelry can distract for the real subject. But trust me I love jewelry myself.

*Hair..avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Let it be natural. Bring hair products if you need to.

*Makeup..should only be slightly heavier than normal. About like you might wear in the evening.

Mascara should be clean and contain (no clumps).

Avoid makeup with "sparkles" in it. Those sparkles do not photograph well and distract from you.

Also avoid makeup with an SPF in it. Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine.

Fingers and Toe Nails...Remember that your nails show. If they have the paint all chipped off it will show. Many casual shots are done barefoot, so dont forget about those toes! Avoid real bright colors. Natural or basic colors work best. We dont want to draw attention to your neon orange toe nails.

Props.... Bring props that help define who you are. Some popular choices are..sports equipment, soccerball, basketball, football, musical instruments, sports uniform, letter jacket, vehicles and you pet or animal. You name it what ever you want this is your session.


Senior Guy Tips

Avoid stripes and plaids, solids photograph much better. Also bring a variety of color.

Avoid clothing that as wording on it except for school logo.

Vary the style, all one looks gets boring, vary the dress level, bring some dressy, some medium and some casual. Remember it is best to do one or two outfits that mom will like, then we can do the stuff YOU like.

Some shots are close up, other are full length, so be sure to plan outfits completely.

Also remember, as a general rule, light clothes look better on lighter backgrounds, and darker clothes look better on dark backgrounds. Group your outfits on hangers and make sure they are ironed.

Make sure you bring a dark tshirt to wear under dark shirts, white tshirt is not good under dark shirt. The same goes for white tshirt under light color shirts. I know guys how much you love advise on wardrobes. But we want you to have the perfect pictures, and these are just tips.


Please make sure you have clean shave. Stubbles does not look as good as a clean shave.


This is the same as the girls, avoid changing your hairstyle or getting it cut the day before if you need to do it, have it cut maybe a week before.


We retouch blemishes, so don't worry about minor breakouts, we can fix those.


If you have any question please fill free to call me. Seniors if you want to give me a call yourself to ask any questions or ask about the tips above that would be great.


Getting ready for Family Picture

Ok guys dont stress out, dont make it to much work where your already mad before you arrive to take pictures, lets make it fun for everybody. Don't stress out on clothing everyone, the best colors are your solid colors, and solid pants, they make better pictures, that way the focus isnt your stripes and plaids on your shirts its your faces we are noticing and not your clothes, dont get me wrong we want you to dress nice. If your wanting black & white the best color for this picture would be a solid black shirt preferably long sleeve. But this clothing tips are just tips, you can wear what ever you would like.

Just remember dark clothing goes good with dark backgrounds, light colors goes good with lighter backgrounds.


I look forward to taking your family portraits, you will be proud in years to come you had them. Thats the memories we go back to visit and laugh with our families and cherish the time, thats why I have chosen for this as my passion, and thats why I chose the name as my business to be Treasured Memories by Stephanie.

I want a give a special thanks to my family for supporting me and letting me seek my dream.